Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Boss

It's just past 1AM, and given that I started the day 21 hours ago, I'm tired.  There is so much to write about, and I hope to do so, loyally, tomorrow after our morning doctors appointments.  Tonight, however, I'll be brief.  

First, a medical update.  More great news!  My blood work came back normal which means our little-cancer-mutant-friend hasn't found any important organs to feast on.  I could barely thank Dr. Nakhlis through my hysterical tears when she called to tell me that.  Another hurdle, hell, a whole bunch of hurdles, cleared.  No news from Dr. McDreamy on my other receptor test (that "HER2" test which, if it's positive will mean chemo is a must), but hopefully more on that tomorrow.  And ... drum roll please ... I have a tentative surgery date of Wednesday, September 12.  A discussion of this date alone could be an entry in and of itself, as it falls on a very special day for Brian and I -- the day of the annual Scott M. Herr Memorial Golf Tournament.  When I first heard the date, I was upset that he and I would miss an event that means so much to us.  But Brian assured me it's good luck -- Scotty's just the kind of spirit I'll want in my corner that day.  

September 12 is also very special to me because it was chosen largely due to the kindness of another dear friend, who, with the help of her well, kind-of-really-big-deal-in-the-medical-field father, went above and beyond to help bump me up the surgery schedule by a few weeks.  My doctors adamantly explained to me that a few more weeks of waiting would not harm me, but I cannot rest until the cancer is gone.  I will always attribute Emma's kindness to helping save my life.  

So again, I will fall asleep tonight grateful for so much good fortune.  I'm ahead of this thing, and there's no way it's catching up.  I am truly blessed.  

Second, I wanted to leave you with some lyrics upon which I will expand in tomorrow's entry.  I'm probably violating some copyright rule by pasting them here, but cancer's a good enough excuse to break the rules, right?  (By the way, Brian definitely thinks so ... just yesterday when he and I went to Staples to get a binder and notebook to keep track of all my medical paperwork, he parked in the "Mother to Be" spot.  "Cancer trumps pregnant ladies," he declared.  Who said chivalry is dead?  Lucky for him, I've still got a solid C-section pouch to help disguise me as a pregnant lady.  Although, come to think of it, does some poor sap actually monitor the proper use of those spots?)  Again, I digress.    

The lyrics pasted below come from the one and only Bruce Springsteen.  Tonight, thanks to two dear friends and the biggest Bruce Springsteen fans I know, Brian and I went to Fenway Park to party with the Boss (and Brianne and Seamus, who experienced their first pilgrimage to a Bruce concert).  Thank you, Danny and Holly for getting us there (and thank you, as always, to our family for babysitting!).  These lyrics are from the song, "We are Alive," off his newest album, "Wrecking Ball."  (PS -- In true Bruce fashion, this was a song I'd always skip over on the album thinking it was sad and boring, but in concert, it was a whole different ballgame!)  Tomorrow's blog will feature my connection to these lyrics.  Tonight's blog will give you a chance to find any connection you may have to them.  

Let your mind rest easy, sleep well my friend
It’s only our bodies that betray us in the end

I awoke last night in a dark and dreamy deep
From my head to my feet, my body gone stone cold
There were worms crawling all around me
Fingers scratching at an earth black and six foot low
And alone in the blackness of my grave
Alone I’d been left to die
Then I heard voices calling all around me
The earth rose above me, my eyes filled with sky

We are alive

And though our bodies lie alone here in the dark
Our souls and spirits rise
To carry the fire and light the spark
To fight shoulder to shoulder and heart to heart
To stand shoulder to shoulder and heart to heart
We are alive

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  1. Bruce!!!! Always seems to put the feeling to words. We're with you...Bob is drafting an Order requiring the intruders to "immediately vacate and remain away". Your writing is inspiring.