Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nutshell Update: Part II

I can barely form sentences thanks to all of the drugs I have taken all day and night so please forgive me for any incoherent blabber. I just wanted to report that my Taxotere infusion should end around 10pm (then begins the Cytoxan infusion which will take one additional hour). Overall, the Taxotere went very well, although we hit another bump in the road when, on the last of the four bags of Taxotere, I started to exhibit the anaphylactic symptoms from last time but on a lesser scale. Thank goodness, the team (including my dedicated one-on-one nurse, Katie) swiftly descended into my room and reversed it before it ever got out of control. We waited a while, and then we started up again at a slower dose. 

Apparently, a more serious reaction can occur four to six hours after a lesser reaction like mine today so they want to keep me for observation one more night. I am scheduled to be discharged tomorrow morning. My nurse told me that I may need to be in the ICU for later infusions because my allergy is so severe, but on the other hand, I may be able to do it at Dana-Farber's outpatient desensitization department. Either place is fine with me as long as it all works out. 

Today really was a great day and I feel very blessed for all of the care and support I received from my family, friends, nurses, and doctors. In the end, I'm indescribably relieved and beyond hungry. And in one hour I can eat again! I'm thrilled that the Au Bon Pain in the lobby downstairs is opened 24/7. Step 3, almost COMPLETE.



  1. You are amazing!!! Thinking of you

  2. Sounds like things are looking up for you. Great news.

  3. Looking strong, sister!! Keep fighting! BATTLE MODE, BABY!!