Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Elf-ing

Today I didn't get out of my pajamas until 5pm when I left to go pick Annabel up from Heather's house, and at that point I only changed a dirty pair of sweatpants for a slightly cleaner one. I spent the entire day today playing Christmas elf at my house and loving it. I'm seven days out of my treatment which means this is when my counts will start to fall. There's no way I want to spend this Christmas at the Brigham so I'm trying to stay as germ free as possible. Plus, my joints were extremely sore today from a combination of CrossFit yesterday and what I think must be the aftermath of the Neulasta. Brian almost killed me when I told him I went to CrossFit. Oops. 

All day, Pandora played my All I Want for Christmas is You station and I snacked just about every hour. This afternoon, Brianne and my Mom came by to help me wrap. As they fought over the disappearing scissors and tape dispenser, I handed them boxes and put their finished products into piles according to which family's house the gift should be taken to.

After Annabel went to bed, I continued on my Christmas tear while Brianne shopped online for her family grab gift. Every year her extended family does a theme-based grab. This year, everyone chose a different country and they have to bring a gift from that country. Brianne got Canada and spent a few hours tonight looking for something made in Canada. She ended up with some great maple syrup. Canadians out there, just out of curiosity, please let us know if there are any other ideas you may suggest!

I also made some serious progress today on my holiday / thank you cards which I hope to get in the mail sometime this week. Tonight Brian had his first hockey game of the season (they lost -- bummer) but when he got home, he made his annual contribution to the holiday card process -- he licked and sealed. I hate that taste.  

I don't want to hurt my Christmas momentum tonight by blogging my brains out, although, speaking of brains, I think I may have just lost part of my brain in the kitchen sink. Yes, tonight I enjoyed another quality nosebleed that I only just got to stop. Don't worry, I spared the holiday cards. Although the deep red blood would have gone well with my holiday pen ink. This nosebleed, while just as serious as the last one, was much less scary. Experience is an awesome thing that way. About 10 minutes in, Brian even grabbed a cookie and munched on it while he leaned on the counter next to me -- all the proof I need that we've come a long way. 

Anyhow, in the spirit of holiday cards, I thought I would collect and post our family's last four holiday cards (prior to kids, I sent out cute ones but I never kept any). So from this Christmas elf that desperately needs a shower and another tissue to stuff up my right nostril, Happy Holi-nk You! 




I especially love this one because Annabel is in my belly! Also, this photo of Teddy throwing dirt at Brian and laughing his head off about it is one of my all time favorites. 
I ended up running out of these last year but this was a draft. I deleted the font because it was too small.

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