Monday, January 7, 2013

Beauty Blog -- Suggestion Box

Tomorrow Maggie and I are teaming up for a special feature -- Beauty Blog: Part One (assuming that there may be other parts). We have no real idea where we're going with this, but it should be fun nonetheless. In the meantime, if anyone has any specific totally superficial questions that you'd like answered, let us know. For instance, I am excited to ask Maggie when I will get my hair back because I swear, it's started to come in! Feel free to post anonymously below and we will do what we can tomorrow to answer. If there are no questions, we'll just invent some, or use the many we had before this whole breast cancer adventure. Don't be shy -- we're used to talking about boobs!


  1. My question is "How do you manage to get up early in the morning and exercise"? I hate getting out of bed - its one of my worst things - how can I motivate myself to even think about exercise?

  2. Any suggestions for working moms on how to feel more pulled together wardrobe or beauty wise? I feel like if I'm not in my office wardrobe it's pj pants/sweats which while comfy can feel a bit frumpy on weekends!