Monday, January 14, 2013

Kid Quotes: Patriots Party

This weekend I spent hours on a post with which I am still not happy. Instead of rushing to hit Publish on something that's not ready, I'd rather post something that needs no preparation -- two priceless conversations from "Teddy and Granddad's Patriots party" tonight. Teddy likes to convince my Dad to have a "party" for big Patriots games even though all that means is that we join Sean, Lauren, and sometimes Brianne and Seamus and/or Rachel and Matt for a visit to my parents' house. We buy Patriots balloons or cupcakes at Shaw's, Teddy makes everyone play catch in the living room during key parts of the game, and Annabel spills her drinks all over. 

Teddy loves to play host and pass out the cupcakes after dinner (or at least, between our third and fourth helpings of pasta). Here are the cupcakes and here's how tonight's conversation went: 

Teddy:  "Who wants a cupcake?!?"

Lauren:  "I do!"

Teddy:  "We have balls and helmets!  What do you want?" 

Lauren:  "Hum, I think I'll take a helmet." 

*  *  *  

Before and after the cupcakes, Brian, Teddy, and Annabel spent a good part of the game in the basement playing a competitive game of knee hockey. When Teddy was getting into the car, he stopped Brian:

Teddy:  "Wait, Daddy, did you leave your pants in the house?"

Brian (looking down):  "What are you talking about?  No." 

Teddy:  "Oh, because I beat the pants off of you in knee hockey tonight."

Goodnight, and Go Pats. 

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