Thursday, February 14, 2013

An Idea is Born

This morning as my commuter train pulled into Ruggles station, I had an idea. Not just any idea. But an idea that has my heart bursting with excitement. (Now feels like a great time for that 20 questions game.)

As the train emptied a bit and continued onto Back Bay, my mind was buzzing, faster and faster. I felt like Jerry Maguire, although I wasn't doing handstands in my underwear (weak joke -- will only make sense to those who have watched the movie as many times as I have, which is probably no one; regardless, Tom Cruise in his underwear is never a totally wasted thought). Back to the mind was buzzing. Classroom? Where? No, at people's houses. No. Definitely classroom.

I don't remember exiting the train, but I do remember watching my boots as I doubled up the steps at Back Bay and doubled down another set to catch the Orange Line. It would last one year. No, we would want to be done by Christmas. Yep, done by Christmas would be perfect. Then the next one would start in the New Year.  

As the subway chugged along, I itched for a pad of paper or a computer screen -- a place to scribble the thoughts that were bubbling over in my mind. Could I find five people in the area that would be interested in my idea? Well, my Mom, Brianne, and Lauren make three. Yeah, I think I could find two more.

I'm surprised I didn't miss my State Street stop because I wasn't paying attention to anything besides that idea that had begun to take shape. 

By the time I got to my office, the idea had become a vision -- a real-life, I-could-actually-do-this type of vision. Forget that; rather, it had quickly become an I-need-to-do-this type of vision.

I checked to see if a certain website was available to launch my vision. It was. I bought it -- $12.99 -- annually for five years. I love that the idea doesn't even need a website -- it's not a money-making venture -- but Sean taught me that every legitimate idea deserves at least a website.

Dr. Bunnell told me that if I can be cancer-free for five years, the probability of recurrence drops significantly. Five years. Interesting.

And so today, a little dream was born. Tonight, I need to get working on it, and of course, my blogosphere friends will be the first to know all the details. In fact, if you so choose, you may be part of it. So stay tuned. I guess Valentine's Day is a day for conceiving. Ideas I mean. Sheesh, where's your mind today?

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