Sunday, February 3, 2013

Kid Quotes: Baby Dolls

When Teddy is around, Annabel does everything he does -- she plays knee hockey (although she's so small she doesn't even need to kneel down), lines up the Hockey Guys, draws up plays on white boards, builds (and knocks down) Lego towers, paints rinks, and sings along to Aerosmith's Dream On (she adds the high-pitch part and it is funny every time). Yesterday afternoon, however, Teddy was on a field trip with Brian so Annabel and I had some time to ourselves. And like Annabel often does when Teddy leaves, she turned right to her "bee-bees" (her dolls).

Annabel did everything with her dolls yesterday. She put "butt cream" on their behinds and wrapped them up in way-too-big diapers, she made sure they always had their "pacies," she taught one of them how to pee on the potty while she sat on the stool and watched, and she put them down for naps in her crib, remembering to turn the night light on for them. Annabel doesn't like being told what to do, but nonetheless she listened to me while I explained that even though she throws her clothes from the second floor to the first, she really shouldn't throw baby down too. 

But here was my favorite part. After her baby got up from her nap, Annabel held her in her own trying-to-be-gentle way (it's barely gentle), and she kissed her several times. Then Annabel repeated, Es O-key, bee-bee. Mommy go to doc-a today. Es O-key. 

Yep, Es is O-key.

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  1. I just saw this entry - and it's so precious!!!