Saturday, April 20, 2013

Kid Quotes: The Blog

I haven't written a Kid Quotes post in a while but I am still laughing about a conversation from last week so I wanted to get it down on paper (so to speak).

Last Saturday, Teddy had his best bud, Liam, over for some knee hockey, baseball, Wii -- the usual. During Annabel's nap, I decided to take the two amigos to get some ice cream at Crescent Ridge (aka, Question Ridge), mainly because they really are so much fun to hang out with and also because I was totally craving some ice cream. 

When I was buckling the two boys into the back seat, here's how the conversation went (almost word for word).

Me: Liam, I can't believe you are already starting to read! That's amazing. You are such a smart guy. 

Liam: Fanks. 

Teddy: Wiam, do you read my mom's bwog? 

Liam: No. 

Teddy: Does your mom read my mom's bwog? 

Liam: I don't know. But she runs and walks a lot.  

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