Thursday, October 24, 2013

Because she told me to...

My mother requested that I write this and since she never asks me to do anything, I wanted to honor her request. She told me I had to explain to my readers -- whom she assumes still exist -- that I am fine. So, reader(s), I'm fine. 

In fact, despite the silence in this space, I have been writing more lately than ever before. Almost every night of the past week, I have literally fallen asleep with my MacBook on my lap in bed. What the heck are you doing? you may ask. I've been hesitant to admit it because that would make it an expectation, and sometimes life is more fun without those. But I think that I'm OK with this expectation because I know now, months into the project, that it will happen. What will happen? The book that I'm writing. And I really can't wait to share it with you.

*  *  *

Good Words: Wonderful World

There's a wonderful world where all you desire
And everything you've longed for is at your fingertips
Where the bittersweet taste of life is at your lips

~Bruce Springsteen

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